Meet the locals Mateu Casañas, chef partner at Compartir restaurant
Mateu Casañas, chef partner at Compartir restaurant
Compartir, in Cadaqués for Sharing... and Disfrutar in Barcelona for Enjoying

Compartir in Cadaqués for Sharing… and Disfrutar in Barcelona for Enjoying.

This is how Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch define the two projects that they run as a team. The three chef partners of restaurants Compartir(“Sharing”), in Cadaqués, and Disfrutar (“Enjoying”), in Barcelona, met and trained as chefs at Ferran Adrià’s prestigious elBulli restaurant.

Setting out to offer a new concept of gourmet food tasting, based on traditional cuisine with little avantgarde touches and differentiating itself from Disfrutar’s haute cuisine, they opened Compartir in April 2012.

In this interview, one of the chefs, Mateu Casañas, tells us about the project, based on dishes for sharing in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, in the idyllic setting of Cadaqués in the heart of Cap de Creus.

Born in Roses and a staunch defender of the Empordà’s “surf and turf” cuisine, he tells us all about one of Compartir’s dishes which is 100% Mediterranean… and it makes our mouths water just to think about it! Would you like to know which one it is?

Filmed by TV Girona. Written and edited by Neorg.