Routes Scenic Cap de Creus
Scenic Cap de Creus
Route 3

This route will take you along some of the most spectacular scenic roads on the Costa Brava. From Colera to Roses, 80km of beautiful Mediterranean coastline and green vineyards overlooking the sea. Small coves with crystalline water, the Cap de Creus Natural Park, the tramontana wind and la mar d’amunt, as the area between Cadaqués and Cerbère is called … This is the landscape which inspired the great genius Salvador Dalí. Would you like to discover it?

#1. Figueres: Birthplace of Genius Salvador Dalí

The city of Figueres, at the foot of the Pyrenees, is linked inseparably with its most emblematic figure: Salvador Dalí. The Dalí Theatre-Museum is the artist’s last great work; a completely experimental museum displaying the genius’s work and thought. But apart from Dalí, Figueres will also tempt you with its authentic Alt Empordà food and wine, with DO Empordà wines and local produce like Figueres onions and Vilabertran’s stuffed apples.

#2. Empordà Tradition at the Cooperativa de Garriguella

With over 50 years’ history, the Cooperativa de Garriguella offers full breakfasts and lunches based on top local produce of cultural value as well as different wine tourism activities including visits to the old airfield and the bunkers dating back to the Spanish Civil War in Garriguella.

#3. Empordàlia: Bringing Together the Worlds of Wine and Oil

Follow the main road out of Garriguella, through vineyard country, until you come to the Empordàlia cooperative in the village of Pau, which offers guided visits to its winery and also has a shop selling a large selection of DO Empordà wines and oils from Pau produced at its oil mill, along with other fresh local produce from the Empordà.

At its restaurant area, called ‘L’Empordà a Taula’, in their farm shop in Vilajuïga, you can have a hearty country breakfast or an aperitif.

#4. Wines Rooted in the Empordà, at Espelt Viticultors

Espelt Viticultors is another winery with a family tradition, with spectacular vineyards and wines. Are you adventurous? Jump into the winery’s 4×4 and drive off to explore the different terroirs. Are you a gourmet? Then savour breakfast looking out over the vineyards and discover the secrets of their winemaking and the tramontana country that shapes these wines so markedly.

#5. The Mediterranean in its Purest Form: Enokayak with SK Kayak

In the fishing village of Llançà, SK Kayak proposes an authentic wine tourism experience deeply rooted in the region of Cap de Creus and the Albera: Enokayak, paddling from cove to cove and tasting the wines of the green vineyards overlooking the sea, from the Hugas de Batlle winery.

#6. Heroic Winemaking at Celler Hugas de Batlle

These are the first vineyards in the Iberian Peninsula to see the sun rise every morning. Hugas de Batlle will show you around his spectacular terraced estates with views of the Mediterranean in his 4×4: adventure guaranteed! While you’re here, why not visit Colera and go to the beach for a swim in the crystalline waters?

#7. Sant Pere de Rodes: from the Vineyard to the Monastery

Would you like to find out all about the curiosities of monastic life and its connection with the world of wine? Did you know that the first winemaking book was written at Sant Pere de Rodes back in 1130? You can discover all this and more with the visit called ‘From the Vineyard to the Monastery’ and finish up with a wine tasting on its spectacular terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.

#8. El Port de la Selva, the Best Kept Secret on the Costa Brava

To the north of Cap de Creus the little fishing village, El Port de la Selva, nestles hidden away amid the great scenic beauty created by the combination of the blue of the Mediterranean with the green of the vineyards that surround it. Go for a stroll around the fishing port and the different narrow streets, with their emblematic whitewashed houses huddling together against the tramontana wind.

#9. Organic and Biodynamic Winemaking at Mas Estela Winery

A paradigm of organic and biodynamic winemaking in the privileged setting of Cap de Creus Natural Park. That is Mas Estela in a nutshell, a family-run winery that conveys the terroir in each of its wines. The winery is a member of the Ceps de Cap de Creus Association, formed by three organic winemakers working in the Natural Park.

#10. A Winery in the Heart of Cap de Creus: Martín Faixó

Heading towards Cadaqués, on a road with one of the most breathtaking views in the Empordà, you’ll find the Martín Faixó winery: an innovative wine tourism experience. Visit the winery and taste its wines, relax and unwind by practising mindfulness in the vineyards and relish the silence at night in one of its suites in the heart of Cap de Creus. This winery is also a member of Ceps de Cap de Creus.

#11. From Tudela to the Cap de Creus Lighthouse

The route continues to the natural site of Tudela, where the extraordinary geology was once a source of inspiration for the genius Salvador Dalí. Drive on to the Cap de Creus Lighthouse for a local aperitif or a glass of DO Empordà wine, or simply enjoy the stunning views. This part of the Empordà has little to envy other great beauty spots around the world.

#12. Cadaqués and Salvador Dalí’s House in Portlligat

Follow the road to the village of Cadaqués, a refuge for artists from all over the world. Its narrow streets of whitewashed houses have managed to conserve the most authentic spirit of the Costa Brava. While you’re there, don’t miss a visit to Salvador Dalí’s House in Portlligat, where the artist painted many of his works and which was the only stable home that Salvador Dalí had.

#13. Roses, elBullifoundation and its Spectacular Coves

The fishing town of Roses, one of the best spots for watching the sunset on the Costa Brava, was the place where Ferran Adrià revolutionised the world of international cuisine with his restaurant, el Bulli, now converted into elBullifoundation. The secondary road leading to the restaurant is amazing … In the heart of Cap de Creus Natural Park you’ll discover a series of unspoilt coves that are pure Costa Brava and, on top of that, you’ll find the singular Mas Marès estate, the third member of Ceps de Cap de Creus, with its spectacular organic vineyard overlooking the Bay of Roses.