Routes Mountain Cuisine in the Girona Pyrenees
Mountain Cuisine in the Girona Pyrenees
Route 6

The Ripollès and Cerdanya regions await you among beautiful valleys and spectacular high mountain settings, with their own unique cuisine and local produce to discover.

#1. Mountain Cuisine in the Valleys of Camprodon and Ribes

Experience the valleys of the Ripollès region, the valleys of Camprodon and Ribes, through stunning one-day routes or treks in summer, through walks to discover the Romanesque gems of the Pyrenees, through days skiing and in the snow in winter, through climbing activities and horse riding trails … And don’t leave without first tasting its mountain food, high-altitude cuisine based on quality local produce and characterised by unique ingredients, like colt meat, ripollesa lamb, Camprodon potatoes or the famous biscuits.

#2. Ripoll and Minera Craft Beer

The capital of the Ripollès region, Ripoll, is a destination that combines an excellent range of culture, heritage and cuisine. The most acclaimed gourmet treasures of this town, which was once the ‘cradle of Catalonia’, are its exceptional charcuterie and Minera craft beer.

Practically a century after the last cart emerged from the mouth of the Juncadella mine and 50 years after it was closed for good, the site now houses a new project in the form of a craft brewery. One of Minera’s aims is to promote beermaking and the mining heritage of Ogassa and Sant Joan de les Abadesses. To this end, the company regularly organises group visits to its brewery with tastings and walks around the mines of Ogassa.

#3. Fonda Xesc in Gombrèn

One of the gourmet restaurants not to be missed in the Ripollès region is Fonda Xesc in Gombrèn. A one-star Michelin restaurant since 2009, it forms part of a historic house built in 1730 in Gombrèn, a little village in the foothills of the Girona Pyrenees, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. It offers simple, aromatic local cuisine, drawing on locally-sourced produce and traditional recipes with the incorporation of culinary influences from other cultures around the world.

#4. High-Altitude Suppers in La Molina

Come and experience the highest staffed mountain refuge in the East Pyrenees, a unique gourmet experience: a high-altitude cuisine supper followed by a night-time descent by moonlight.

#5. Trinxat and Pyrenees Cuisine from Cerdanya

Winter cabbage, potatoes, ceps, morels, Talltendre turnips, chanterelles, butter from the Cadí mountains, quince allioli, liver sausage, pears from Puigcerdà, cheeses … And, of course, then there is the Trinxat Festival, dedicated to Cerdanya’s most famous dish, held every year in February and a date not to be missed for all lovers of Cerdanya’s cuisine. It sets out to showcase local produce and restaurants with a popular gala supper.

#6. Visits to Farmers in Cerdanya

Experience the snow in winter, take a leisurely walk along the paths, around the lakes, through the meadows and fields surrounding the villages in Cerdanya … and discover the local farmers, the true protagonists of the region’s tables, through Visites a Pagès or at Molí de Ger.