Essentials Girona, our Capital City
Girona, our Capital City
It captivates us all

Anyone that strolls through Girona and ends up getting lost in the maze of alleys in the Jewish quarter will understand the saying “Girona captivates me”, taken from Ricard Viladesau’s famous sardana. And it’s not just tourists that find Girona a beautiful historic city – the locals love it, too.

Girona. Author: Alex Tremps
  • The façades of the picturesque houses on the River Onyar are the first portrait that the city rewards you with as you cross the Stone Bridge or the Peixateries Velles Bridge.

  • Girona also houses what is considered to be the most romantic spot in Spain. Just in case you didn’t know, it’s in the heart of the old town, on the steps of Sant Martí church.

  • These much-photographed steps are just around the corner from quaint century-old For some years now, our capital has stood out for its food and wine attractions, ranging from the Lleó market, in the centre of Girona, with its stalls overflowing with fresh, seasonal, local produce, to El Celler de Can Roca, the world-famous 3-star Michelin restaurant.

  • Surrounded by the Força Vella fortress, the first walled enclosure to be built in the city, stands the cathedral, crowning the striking portrait of Girona, with the houses on the River Onyar at its feet.

  • But Girona would not be Girona without its city walls and its Jewish quarter, where its narrow alleys, courtyards and historic buildings take us back to medieval times …

  • You can also discover the city by going to its weekly market, on the banks of the River Ter, or to the prestigious music and performing arts festivals held there.

We all look forward to welcoming you to our city!