Be Inspired Summer Be Inspired … To Be a Local!
Peralada. Author: Pere Duran
Be Inspired … To Be a Local!
Authenticity, scenery and local people

That’s what it’s all about, “being a local”. Visit wineries and dairy farms, meet the region’s farmers and discover for yourself the local produce that is grown around us with traditional, sustainable methods. Here are various activities to help you take a real break and enjoy the scenery, people and local produce in an exceptional way.

To love the land and treat the produce as the farmers themselves do.


They love what they do. They love the land, their roots and the produce that they grow on it. They open their doors wide to visitors and make them feel at home at their wineries, farms, breweries and vineyards. At Mas Alba, Mas Marcè and La Xiquella, let the dairy staff show you round as they’re the best ones to explain the production process and to show you how to treat the land and produce. And don’t miss a visit to Mas Bes, Mas la Coromina or Cooperativa La Fageda, where their owners will give you an insight into country life and dairy farming.

Discovering the passion for beer or wine shown by young teams, like the ones running Cerveses Popaire brewery and La Vinyeta winery, is also a way of discovering the authentic expression of the region and the creativity and ingenuity of young talent that enhances the Girona food and wine sector’s characteristic high quality even more.


Fresh, seasonal, local, top quality produce is easy to find and even easier to taste. El Rebost at Can Moragues is a good place to find, and buy, organic jams and preserves, dairy products and wholesale ingredients from reliable producers.

Like all good foodies, you’ll visit the little farming village of Capmany, in Alt Empordà, and taste local wines and tapas sitting at wine barrels set up in the open air, and buy products with the Girona Excel·lent seal of quality from the farm shop. You can also sample produce picked straight from the land in the Olivardots vineyards at Vinyes d’Olivardots in Capmany. It can be equally rewarding to experience an oil tourism activity: at Oli de Ventalló oil mill you can stroll through the olive groves and sample the local produce and at Trull Alenyà oil mill you can do so after a visit to their facilities.

One thing you can be sure of is that nobody leaves Girona without first savouring a hearty country breakfast, which is something you can do at the Cooperativa de Garriguella and at Empordàlia, or without trying authentic Empordà cider in Palau-sator, at the Mooma modern cider brewery.


Become an authentic fisherman through fishing tourism activities organised in Palamós, or become a local by joining the crowd at the markets in the cities of Girona and Olot, and enjoying a meal afterwards at La Cuina del Mercat restaurant in the capital of the Garrotxa region. If you prefer to activate your five senses as you let yourself be guided by local people, you can do just that with Naturalwalks, by going mushroom-picking, or with Local Market, Tots a taula, La Gastronòmica or the sommelier Laura Masramon, through cookery workshops, trips, experiences, DO Empordà wine routes and tastings organised all year round.

Ah! And you can also let the team from Glops d’Història amaze you with a guided tasting through the region’s wine history and culture.

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