Be Inspired Winter 8 Reasons to Discover Catalonia’s Top Food and Wine Tourism Destination
8 Reasons to Discover Catalonia’s Top Food and Wine Tourism Destination
From Puigcerdà to Blanes

Girona’s gastronomy boasts an ancient legacy dating back to the Iberians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Jews, and this is one of the reasons why the province of Girona has now become one of the world’s top food and wine tourism destinations.

Leaders in culinary innovation and food and wine tourism activities.


In the first place comes the Costa Brava, which has become the most important focus of culinary creativity in the world thanks to figures like Ferran Adrià and the Roca brothers. It is also home to exceptional increasingly acclaimed local produce, like prawns from Palamós, spiny lobster from Cap de Creus, anchovies from L’Escala, sea urchins, rockfish and rice from Pals.

This land is a fusion of the sea, plain and mountains. The province’s inland regions also offer a variety of excellent produce: veal from the Pyrenees, apples from Girona, charcuterie from the Garrotxa and Ripollès regions, ratafia liqueur, garnatxa sweet wine, cottage cheese, xuixo doughnuts, beans from Santa Pau…

Sometimes these star products of the province, some of which are endorsed by the Girona Excel·lent quality food seal, are combined to make the surf and turf dishes that are so typical of the Costa Brava & Girona Pyrenees, like meatballs with cuttlefish, trinxat from Cerdanya, veal from Girona stewed with wild mushrooms, chicken with different types of prawns, sweet botifarra sausage with apples from Girona …

And this entire range of first-class produce is complemented with equally exceptional DO Empordà wines. Girona has an extensive wine tourism itinerary through the Costa Brava and the DO Empordà Wine Route, and offers numerous wine tourism activities at the different wineries that open their doors to welcome visitors.


Girona also boasts a constellation of Michelin stars, with a total of 18 stars shared by 14 restaurants throughout the province. It is the cradle of local talents that have innovated creative cuisine and culinary technology, that have shared their knowledge and have become a source of inspiration for chefs all over the world. The province of Girona is also home to El Celler de Can Roca, twice named the world’s best restaurant, to the former El Bulli now replaced by elBullifoundation and its revolutionary cuisine, to Miramar by Paco Pérez, who is the chef with most stars to his name in the whole of Catalonia, and to Les Cols, the restaurant hailed as the maximum expression of the Garrotxa region’s “volcanic cuisine”.

However, there is also plenty of talent in the province beyond Michelin-starred restaurants. The term genius applies to all chefs that use local produce as the basis for their cooking; excellent local produce from a land blessed by the fusion of the sea, mountains and winds. Girona is a land created by all the effort of its farmers, stockbreeders and vine growers, who have also helped promote and boost wine tourism in the region, by opening the doors of their wineries, providing innovative wine tourism experiences and exploiting the quality of DO Empordà wines to the full over the last few years.